Ford F-650 Suspension (Straight Rail)

>Ford F-650 Suspension (Straight Rail)
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Ford F-650 Suspension (2016 and newer)

Features and Benefits

F-650 Straight Rail Suspension System for emergency vehicles.

  • Variable stiffness and damping adjusted automatically and instantaneously to optimize vehicle ride and handling based on road conditions without driver intervention.
  • Non-torque reactive 5-Link suspension optimized with CLASS® to maintain proper driveline geometry through full range of torque inputs and axle movement reducing driveline noise, vibration, and fatigue.
  • Automatic load leveling compensates for variable payload distribution and imbalance plus on-demand kneeling.
  • No modification to OEM exhaust system required.
  • Compatible with most body installations and chassis configurations.
  • 12,000 lb GAWR (Design for use on ProLoader Chassis Equipped with OEM Air Suspension, Hydraulic Brakes)
  • All kits contain suspension components and struts; secondary volumes and mounts; power module w/ECU and mounts; height and steering sensors; all hydraulic lines and wire harnesses; and driver interface.

Ford F-650 (2016 and newer) Suspension Schematics

Engineered suspension solutions for your ride and handling issues.

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2016 and newer F-650 Straight Rail Suspension Manuals