LiquidSpring Delivers Safety, Control, and Confidence for Adventure Truck Owner

When researching the best option for my dream go anywhere RV I had a few options but is am SO GLAD I went with LiquidSpring.  The choice largely came down to tried &  true technology and increased safety driving on and off road. I had a flatbed with a large slide in camper on the back of my truck before my current setup and at 13’6” tall + center of gravity, I could not imagine driving that truck without the LiquidSpring suspension.  The suspension corrected all the sins of being top heavy and the center of gravity being way off.

You don’t have to drive off-road to get the benefits of this suspension either. Anyone that has driven a big truck or RV over lane patterns turning into more of a high-speed S curve on uneven road surfaces will appreciate the control & confidence this suspension at interstate speeds. However, that control & confidence does not end when you hit the fire roads or trails.

What about after the sale & installation of the suspension? Top-notch customer service can be expected when dealing with anyone at LiquidSpring.  When you depend on your rig like I do that means A LOT.”

Dan Couch, 2021 F550 Super Single Conversion with Custom Habitat