LiquidSpring is proud to announce the availability of their smart suspension system for work trucks on a large variety of chassis such as Ford, Chevy, International, and others.

The LiquidSpring smart suspension automatically and instantaneously changes the spring stiffness and damping at each individual wheel in response to road and driving conditions. When the road is rough, the ride is soft and smooth. When the vehicle makes sharp turns, corners, or emergency evasive maneuvers, the suspension stiffens to provide superior stability and eliminates roll. Thanks to the on­board processor, the suspension adapts and makes adjustments without driver intervention for a fluid, seamless experience.

Which work trucks benefit from a LiquidSpring suspension upgrade? LiquidSpring’s auto-leveling is a great feature for uneven loads. This built-in feature prevents leaning from unbalanced configurations like crane and bucket trucks. The variable spring stiffness feature is desirable for transporting the following; glassware, laboratory equipment or any precision/calibrated equipment, museum and antiquity transport, and cake/bakery deliveries.

The improved ride from the LiquidSpring system provides a benefit to more than just cargo, it also benefits the driver and truck. The driver experiences less fatigue from a more relaxed ride. They don’t have to fight to stay in their seats, allowing for longer hours on the road. The truck’s frame also experiences less stress. Each wheel experiences different stress levels that are constantly changing and dynamic. While LiquidSpring works to equalize these forces, a standard suspension transfers this to the frame, leading to frame flexing. This then stresses other components in the truck connected to the frame, leading to strain on bolts and rivets used in their construction.


Founded over 20 years ago, LiquidSpring began building suspensions for large off-highway mining equipment, where they pioneered a unique system to help reduce operator injury in extreme conditions. The new strut was filled with a pressurized compressible liquid capable of supporting vehicle load and damping in a single element. Today, LiquidSpring continues to develop suspension products for other Class 3-7 on-highway trucks for various markets such as EMS, transit and school bus, recreational vehicle, and work truck. The company provides application engineering, manufacturing, distribution, service, and sales of their products throughout the world. Visit to learn more.