Testimonials from LiquidSpring™ Clientele

The bus rides more like a limousine now

Client: Matthew Pesco, Resident Services Manager at Samaritan Village Senior Living

Testimonial Date: 3/11/2019

I have well over 15 years of experience with commercial driving and have operated Class A trucks with doubles, Class B transit, paratransit buses, even up to super-stretch limousines. I have driven in virtually every type of driving condition on every kind of road and traffic condition.

With the LiquidSpring suspension, I have noticed a remarkable difference in how our bus rides. I oversee the bus and van transportation services for a Senior Living Community just outside of Modesto California. Modesto reportedly has some of the worst roads in America. Our new Starcraft Allstar 25 bus, with the LiquidSpring suspension, is among the very smoothest rides I have ever experienced. It rides more like a limousine than it does a bus. While traveling on the rural backroads, we frequently encounter bumps and potholes that made the ride of our old bus very uncomfortable. With the new suspension systems, passengers frequently comment on how smooth the ride is. They often say that the bus rides “like a charter bus.” We have experienced a remarkable increase in passenger satisfaction.

In our old bus, the noise and vibrations were so bad that passengers could not carry on a conversation. On one excursion, we traveled to Yosemite National Park. While on the twisty mountain roads, I was able to quickly switch the firmness of the ride to maximize stability and control, and then change back to Comfort Ride for a smooth and quiet ride.

While negotiating steep driveways and parking lots within Modesto and Turlock city limits, I have been able to quickly raise the ride-height to ensure adequate clearance, thus reducing the risk of dragging the exhaust or bumper. I have been thrilled with our new suspension system Travis. Thank you so much for the excellent customer experience!


CLASS Suspension Installation on CanyonStar Motorhome

Client: Joe Hogan
Testimonial Date: 9/25/2018

Here is the video I posted regarding the installation of the CLASS on the Canyon Star: https://youtu.be/lm1o83qVSS8

Thank you for your help,


Traveling is now fun again

Client: Ron Denton
Testimonial Date: 9/20/2018

Just finishing a 3000 mile trip with a new suspension. We bought our first class A last fall after 3 previous class C’s. The last previous C was total RoadMaster sway bars and steering damper, Bilstein shocks. I was very satisfied with ride and handling. In the class A our eye level is equal to the overhead bunk of our last C and so the sway and roll of the greater height was unnerving. So, I did the RoadMaster upgrade, larger sway in front, auxiliary sway in back, and steering damper.

After a 1600 mile trip to North Carolina through the rolling mountains of West Virginia I still wasn’t satisfied. I was regretting the move to an A. So I Googled my frustrations and came across an article in Motor Home magazine that addressed my very feelings about the ride with the Ford F53 chassis. It was describing a product called Liquid Spring and the improvement obtained with ride and handling.

Checking their web site I was impressed with the testimonials of others who had similar experiences before Liquid Spring and then afterward. My wife and I agreed we should convert our suspension. It was an extra expense, approximately 5% of the MSRP of our unit, or going back to a smaller C

We talked with Wayne Wells and made an appointment to do the conversion to Liquid Spring. We were talking at church about our appointment and a gentleman and his company does Liquid Spring conversions for ambulances said it was a “very good product “. Then he corrected himself and said, “No it’s a very, very good product.” Needless to say it made us feel good about our decision.

So now coming home after 3000 mile trip out west we are definitely happy. It really does give you a smoother more enjoyable experience. For instance, riding on the back bed you aren’t being flipped like a flapjack. Cornering became smooth not requiring constant correction of under steer and then over steer. Being buffeted by 25 mph cross winds in Kansas was manageable whereas before it would have been a much more white knuckle experience. Washboard National Forest roads were smoothed out remarkably. Traveling is now fun again.


Compared to the Original, LiquidSpring’s Bus Suspension is Like Night and Day

Client: Paul, Owner, Reindeer Shuttle
Testimonial Date: 9/11/2018

While it’s fresh on my mind – I rode this bus back home from Chicago last night after working at O’Hare since Tuesday. I deliberately sat over the rear axle to get the full effect of the ride quality. You can still feel bumps, but there is nothing excessive about it. We had a terribly rigid leaf spring on the stock chassis, and it was our number one source of rider complaints – probably about 90% of the legitimate complaints. I had one person across the aisle from me in my row, and one person on each side of the aisle of the row in front of me. All three were asleep most of the ride, with their seats reclined. I was able to comfortably work on my laptop and watch videos on my phone without any excessive jarring. The difference between before/after the installation has been like night and day for us. Not one single person has complained about the ride since installing the Liquid Spring suspension. With the original suspension, it was nearly impossible for me to get any work done on my laptop without accidentally hitting keys or clicking buttons. We couldn’t be more pleased with the improvement we’ve seen. It’s not a cheap system, but it has been very much worth it for us and our particular usage of the vehicle.


LiquidSpring Suspension is Amazing on Our Class A Motorhome

Client: Ron and Marcia Denton
Testimonial Date:8/20/2018

I wanted to report in that we had a delightful trip home last Friday.  We didn’t notice semi trucks or cars passing, barely noticed any roughness going over bridges or rough highway, and the 4 hour drive was really relaxing for Ron. All just like you said it would be! The Liquid Spring suspension is amazing. We no longer feel like we made a mistake purchasing our class A motor home. We will be in touch in a few months to see if the front suspension is available.

Ron and Marcia Denton

LiquidSpring Suspension on 2016 Tiffin Allegro 36la Motorhome

Client: Stuart Leishman
Testimonial Date:12/6/2017

We had the Liquid Springs system installed on our 2016 Tiffin Allegro 36la motor-home at Henderson’s Line up in Grants Pass, Oregon. I will get the hard part over with first……COST! Our bill for the modification was $13,100.65. No State tax in Oregon helped a little!

Since picking up our unit we have driven from Grants Pass, Oregon to Bakersfield California, 623 miles of varied road conditions. So I think we have given the system a fair trial. We immediately noticed a great improvement when crossing bridge decks on the interstate, what had been bone jarring impacts on many bridges were smoothed out to the point that we barely noticed crossing the bridges. The ride was also smoothed out on sections of concrete highway that in the past we had found to be a very rough ride. However, there are sections of highway, particularly in California where we still felt jarring hits when we hit sections of concrete that had cracked and sunk or were potholed. I think the only way you improve on that is to drive a hovercraft! I had wondered when I would use the “Sport” setting. Well coming through the mountains towards Shasta Lake in California, there are some very sharp curves that in the past I have found challenging. In the “Sport” mode the motor-home suspension really tightened up and I felt very comfortable negotiating the curves. Overall, we are very happy with the system. Was it worth the cost? That is obviously an individual choice. I am in the happy position that I can afford to pay for this system and I have no regrets………However, it is not perfect and on particularly bad sections of road you can still feel some jolting hits, albeit not as bad as they were before we installed the system.

I hope this has helped anyone who is considering this system.

Stuart Leishman

LiquidSpring Suspension on 2016 Newmar Canyon Star F53 Toy Hauler

Client: Thomas M Prose
Testimonial Date:12/6/2017

I would like to let you know our thoughts on the install of your LiquidSpring Class suspension system on our 2016 Newmar Canyon Star F53 toy hauler.
The first thing we notice was the noise level was greatly reduced and ride quality was much improved over expansion joints and rough surfaces in the road. We had already tried rear swaybars and trac bar which help the handling but LiquidSpring offered a much nicer ride and considerably better handling. The coach is much more predictable and much nicer to drive and we are a lot less fatigued after driving for long distances.

The able to change the driving modes is a great feature in the mountains and on windy day the sport mode really tightens the suspension for good handling. Was this worth the money I would say yes if you plan on keeping your coach it is money well spent for better ride and much better handling.

Thomas M Prose  MD MPH MBA
General Medicine PC
The Post Hospitalist Company

Tiffin Open Roaders: Liquid Spring Suspension

Client: Mike Field
Testimonial Date:12/2/2017

We just picked up our 32SA from Redlands RV in So. Calif., they are the group that installed the Liquid Spring suspension system for us. It was a 60 mile drive home in fairly heavy traffic. The ride was wonderful, much like a comfortable car. The curves did not feel like curves, changing lanes seemed much safer and easier, the road never felt better. You felt the jarring going over expansion joints but that feeling was much like a car. My wife was amazed at the difference in comfort. We also had the dog house lined a little more with dynamat and that helped quiet the road noise down a bit. So we are now driving a very comfortable gas motorhome. Today I drove a short distance in some very curvy step roads and used the sport and normal mode, the sport mode does make a remarkable difference in handling. I am confident now that the different modes will perform as anticipated. If you are considering Liquid Springs I think you would be happy with the results.

Mike Field

My Experience with Liquid Spring Suspension

Client: Terry & Cindy Morris
Testimonial Date:12/2/2017

On August 28th, 2017 I arrived at Lafayette, IN to have LiquidSpring’s plant install their suspension system on my new motor home. I have a 2017 Tiffin Allegro Open Road, 34 foot V10 gas motor home. I had already put more than 8,000 miles on the coach before getting their suspension and wanted better handling and a better ride. The motor home had Sumo Springs. Both the front and rear sway bars had been changed to a aftermarket stiffer product. But there was still much room for improvement.

Since the installation at their plant we have put over 3,500 miles on the coach.

Let’s start with the ride. No other way to put it but “smooth”. Those bone jarring joints in the concrete pavement that repeat every 12 feet are dampened to 20% of what they used to be. When a road like that comes up, my wife says she will just go ride in the back of the coach till we get past this area. And when you hit a bump that used to have the rear leaf springs cycle through 3 or 4 oscillations, up and down, this suspension may do 1 and settle back to a smooth ride. The new ride is dramatic.

Now, the sway of the coach, either in the wind or when you exit the road to a drive that has a deep gutter, is “controlled” by liquidspring suspension.  The gutter sway where the rear wheels are going through a depression at different times would previously send the coach rocking back and forth several times. Not now. You can feel the suspension take the first motion and control the reaction back to almost nothing and then it is gone. Really a controlled dampening.

In the wind, you have the ability to put the control unit in the “Sport” mode for maximum stiffening of your suspension. No illusion, the wind is going to affect you if it is broadside. But this “Sport” mode stiffens the coach so that is gives you a safer feel and less rocking/swaying when there are gusts or going past tree lines. You are still driving a mobile billboard but you feel more in control and safer.

One of my first responses to the customer representative back at the plant after experiencing the improvement to our coach’s ride was, “when will you have this available for the front suspension”?

This is a really good product that does what they say it will do.

Terry & Cindy Morris
FMCA # F462905

LiquidSpring Suspension on Our Coach is the Best Money We’ve Spent

Client: Scott & Karla
Testimonial Date:10/27/2017

Hi Wayne & Carl, this is Scott and Karla from Southern California.  Thank you for saving our relationship over issues we had regarding our RV ride quality.  We own a Nexus Super C – 32 foot unit which is on an International Terra Star Chassis.  The ride felt like we were bouncing down the road in a dump truck.  We travel with 2 older dogs who were anxious and agitated because of the jarring ride. Getting the LiquidSpring suspension installed on our coach is the best money we’ve spent.

Any RV owner looking to keep their coach for more than a few years should seriously consider installing your suspension system to get a smooth and responsive ride experience.  Now we aren’t at odds with each other because we no longer have a “dump truck” ride.

All our best,
Scott & Karla

From Spring to LiquidSpring: Part 3 – Road Test

Client: Bill Goldman – Open Roadscapes Blog
Testimonial Date:10/21/2017

After a 500-mile day of solo driving over nearly every type of road imaginable — from interstate highways to winding narrow mountain roads — I now have a rather complete driver’s perspective of how LiquidSpring’s “Compressible Liquid Adaptive Suspension System“ (CLASS) has changed my motorhome’s ride and handling.  And I’ll try to describe it thoroughly, but let me start with my most important conclusion:

Listen to what your body is telling you.

Read the rest of the story…

From Spring to LiquidSpring: Part 2 – The Transformation

Client: Bill Goldman – Open Roadscapes Blog
Testimonial Date:10/17/2017

Tomorrow morning, I’m flying back to the LiquidSpring factory and will pick up Rocky, our Tiffin motorhome, now sporting an entirely new rear suspension system. I’d like to share some photos that illustrate the conversion of the standard chassis springs-and-struts to LiquidSpring’s “Compressible Liquid Adaptive Suspension System” (CLASS), which I discussed in part 1 of this series.  But first, I’ll relay a few things that I learned when visiting the factory last week. Read the rest of the story…

From Spring to LiquidSpring: Part 1 – Why and Why Not

Client: Bill Goldman – Open Roadscapes Blog
Testimonial Date:10/14/2017

There are now 10,000 miles on Rocky, our 2017 Tiffin Allegro Open Road 32SA, but it feels more like 5000 + 5000.  I’ll try to explain:

The first 5000 miles were entirely half-day, single destination trips, since our schedules only gave us time for an occasional long weekend away from home.  In terms of the ride comfort and overall handling, I was generally pleased.  I had taken the advice of other gas chassis owners and added a couple of suspension enhancements:  front and rear Sumo Springs that cut down on side-to-side sway on uneven road surfaces; and a Safe-T-Plus steering stabilizer that, when combined with a wheel alignment, reduced steering “wander” and helped the coach track better on straight roads.  I’m also a believer in proper adjustment of the tire pressure based on weighing the fully loaded RV.  These mods and adjustments result in more precise steering, less body roll, and generally stable handling.  Combined with the relatively good condition of the roads in North Carolina, this left us satisfied with the driving experience. Read the rest of the story…

2013 Born Free 25′ Triumph Class C RV Coach

Client: Harvey L. Kerstein
Testimonial Date:1/30/2017

I purchased this unit from Born Free in April of 2016 after having owned a very similar Born Free 24’ Rear Bath for 4 years and traveled over 60,000 miles in that unit. We liked some of the newer features of the newer models of Born Free, and I was especially curious about the Liquid Springs Suspension.  We adored the old unit and spent 4-6 months on the road for 4 years, with the last trip from Florida to Alaska and back. The idea of an updated model coach with less “tail waggle” was appealing.

My wife and I have been delighted with this suspension improvement. The newer coach’s ride, compared to our previous Born Free of similar size and configuration, is remarkable. Spending all of this time, over 500 nights in these two coaches gives us a great comparison with and without Liquid Springs.  The rear elevation adjustment possible with Liquid Springs is an added bonus that has come in very handy as we are often in rugged terrain.

To walk to the rear of our old coach while moving was rather like sailing in rough weather, and now with Liquid Springs the ride is amazingly more pleasant and safer. The overall ride is far more comfortable and manageable. I love good products, that do what they are intended to do, and this suspension upgrade, certainly qualifies.

You have a great product and I am happy to promote it. You can refer anyone who would like to discuss Liquid Springs to me.

Regards and Happy Flying,
Dr. Harvey Kerstein

Forest River Georgetown, Ford F53 Class A Motorhome

Client: Doug Fleisher
Testimonial Date:12/19/2016

Carl, I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with your suspension. I have owned two gas and four diesel coaches. This is my third gas coach and now that I have a suspension that equals a diesel coach I will never go back. Liquid Spring changed how the coach handles and rides so much it’s unbelievable. Your facility and technicians are very professional and made the process a great experience. Thank you for everything.

Doug Fleisher

2014 Born Free Class C RV Coach

Client: Dana Kerstein
Testimonial Date:10/1/2016

This is a superb product! We are 4 months into this years road trip with our Liquid Spring equipped Born Free Class C Motorhome and love the difference. We previously had a 2001 24 Rear Bath Born Free Class C motor coach for over 4 years and placed well over 70,000 miles on that coach. We lived in the unit for 3 to 5 months per year for 4 years traveling all across America.

This year, in 2016, we purchased a 2014 Born Free with your Liquid Springs System. Our old and newer coach are very similar in design with great build quality and both on Ford 450 platforms. Your suspension system is vastly superior and well worth the cost. The ride is far more controllable, safer and the added ability to increase road clearance is very handy. We use the height adjustment feature far more often than I anticipated. I and my wife highly recommend this performance upgrade.

Dana Kerstein

Manitoba Ambulances Improve on Patient Care

Client: Randall Newman – Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living
Testimonial Date:8/12/2016

Good morning Carl,

This past June, at Crestline, I spoke with you regarding the Liquid Spring suspension and how the product is performing on the 2015 model year Provincial ambulances.

I received a phone call yesterday from a frontline EMS paramedic who wanted to tell me that the inclusion of the Liquid Spring suspension system into the Manitoba ambulances was, in his view, probably the best change for improving the patient care experience on the ambulance vehicles.

Their  Liquid Spring suspension system equipped ambulance vehicle had been out of service for routine maintenance and during that period of time, the EMS staff were using a “spare” ambulance which was not equipped with the Liquid Spring suspension system.

When they received their 2015 ambulance back for service, the EMS staff, all of them, approached their union rep and stated how happy they were to get back the ambulance from maintenance.  I was told by the EMS union staff rep that the difference in ride quality between the 2 ambulance vehicles was absolutely amazing.

The first patient which was transported by the newly maintained 2015 model year ambulance, asked the EMS crew if this was the “Cadillac” ambulance or the other one they had.  They told the patient it was the Caddy they were in, to which the patient, who was on a stretcher and being transported for a routine procedure stated that “good, now I can relax”.

So, I thought you needed to hear this Carl.

Thank you.

Randall Newman – BRS-Ed – Tech-P (PCP)
EMS Officer/Program Analyst
Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living

CLASS® Ambulance Smoothly Transports Multiple-Fracture Patient in Colorado

Client: Ray K. Jennings, Chief, Grand County Emergency Medical Services
Testimonial Date:1/15/2014

Mr. Meyer,testimonial-grandcounty-co

I wish to thank you for providing a quality product that improves the ride, safety, and use of our ambulances. Grand County EMS purchased three 2013 Dodge four door cab chassis with 4 wheel drive and included the CLASS® LiquidSpring™ System.

During our design process our team evaluated a number of products to provide a kneeling system to bring our load height to a reasonable level. During the design process we spoke with several individuals as we looked at various systems. During a conference in Denver in 2012 I meet with Carl and he introduced me to the CLASS® LiquidSpring System.

I brought this revolutionary information to my team to evaluate. Carl made himself available to us and educating us on the CLASS® LiquidSpring System. I also had the opportunity to see firsthand the system on an ambulance. This sealed the deal, seeing the Class LiquidSpring System in action convinced me and my team that this was the right product to improve our ambulance design.

The ambulances were built by an outstanding ambulance manufacture, AEV Ambulances, and with the assistance of our local representative Mark Balch from Front Range Fire Apparatus. Together we included the Class LiquidSpring System to our new AEV ambulances. During the delivery of the ambulances my team and I had the opportunity to meet and visit with the gentleman who installed the CLASS® LiquidSpring System on our AEV ambulances. He acknowledged the ease of installation and how impressed he was with the system. From the moment I inspected the ambulance I was impressed by how professional the Class LiquidSpring System performed. The CLASS® LiquidSpring System had exceeded my expectations.

When my team and I departed from the AEV factory we logged 1800 miles on the drive to Grand County, Colorado. The CLASS® LiquidSpring System did everything you and Carl had said it would do. It is so nice to purchase a product that meets a high standard and expectations.

The ambulances were placed into service in December and I along with one of my team ran the first emergency call. The patient had experienced multiple fractures and the roads are bumpy, during the transport I never felt any bumps. The ride was so smooth, so nice, and brought comfort to everyone inside the ambulance.

In summation, I am very happy with the CLASS® LiquidSpring System and would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve safety and ride comfort. In Grand County, Colorado the temperature dips down to -30 degrees and the issue of kneeling the ambulance in these conditions has not an issue with the Class LiquidSpring System. The ambulances kneel to a safe deck height for loading and unloading and return to service level just as described by you and Carl. I also was impressed having Carl come to our agency and provide an in-service for the CLASS® LiquidSpring System. I am thankful we opted to purchase the Class LiquidSpring System for our ambulances and now the CLASS® LiquidSpring System will become a standard on all future Grand County EMS ambulances.

Kind regards and thank you.

Redmond Fire & Rescue Trusts CLASS® To Get Job Done

Client: Tim Moor, Fire Chief, Redmond Fire & Rescue
Testimonial Date:1/13/2014

testimonial-redmondRedmond Fire & Rescue provides ambulance service to a population of 42,000 people that covers both city and off-road driving surfaces. Over the years we have received complaints from our firefighter/paramedics and customers that our ambulances did not provide a smooth ride.

While in the process of ordering a new ambulance our salesperson recommended taking a look at the LiquidSpring™ Suspension as an option for our new ambulance. After test-driving the Liquid suspension and a thorough review by our mechanics we were sold on the suspension. We ordered a LiquidSpring Suspension for our existing 2012 Ford/F-450 immediately after the test drive.

I was very impressed by Carl Harr, our LiquidSpring Suspension salesperson. Carl was knowledgeable, confident, and no-nonsense. Our mechanics under Carl’s watchful eye installed the LiquidSpring Suspension in one day, which was very impressive. Our firefighter/paramedics and patients are very happy with their new suspension. We just ordered our third Ford/F-450 and specified the LiquidSpring Suspension.

Pain-Free Transportation Helps Seniors Focus on Fun

Client: Heather Oldfield, Community Life Director,  The Fountains at Sea Bluffs, a Watermark Retirement Community
Testimonial Date: 10/13/2013

testimonial-bluffsThanks for the great service and the wonderful new system. As Community Life Director for a large luxury retirement community, I plan many outings using the bus we recently purchased. Many residents stopped signing up for the trips as our bus had a basic suspension with a very rough and violent ride. Residents as well as myself complained of body pains and discomfort even on the short rides.

During our initial meeting when you assured us an improved ride quality, I wasn’t sure you would be able to pull it off since our ride was so bad. Your team has completely made a believer out of me and our frail residents. Our newly installed LiquidSpring™ system has surpassed all expectations and we are all delighted with such a smooth and comfortable ride. It is evident from the residents smiles and hearty conversation. They can now focus on having fun as they travel to their next destination! Thank you again for your expertise in engineering as well as excellent customer service. We are 100% satisfied! Again, thanks for everything.”