LiquidSpring Company History

The LiquidSpring strut was conceived over 20 years ago to fulfill the need of providing a more reliable and better-performing suspension system for off-highway mining trucks. The strut was constructed similar to a conventional shock absorber, except it was filled with pressurized compressible liquid as opposed to mineral oil. This configuration resulted in a unique component capable of supporting vehicle load and providing damping in a single element.

The future potential of this technology was recognized for other markets and LiquidSpring Technologies, Inc. (LST) was founded to further its development. The original strut worked very well for off-highway mining applications; however, it was not very suitable for other applications because of its fixed preload and damping characteristic. Continued innovative efforts by LST resulted in technological breakthroughs which allowed the strut to exhibit a broad range of stiffness and damping characteristics suitable for use with on-highway applications.

The key was a patented breakthrough by coupling the strut with an additional fluid volume. By controlling the fluid interaction between each component this enabled the strut to have variable stiffness and damping. This aspect is truly unique and sets this technology apart from other suspension systems.

The LiquidSpring suspension systems developed by LST are called CLASS® or Compressible Liquid Adaptive Suspension System. In 2004, LST formed a subsidiary LiquidSpring LLC to focus on commercializing CLASS® products while LST continues its research work advancing LiquidSpring technologies. LiquidSpring has commercialized several products from light to medium duty truck application such as ambulances, shuttle buses, and motor homes. The products have demonstrated significant ride and handling performance improvements over conventional steel and air spring suspension systems based on ride and drive evaluations at OEMs, dealers, and customers. Further refinements in its configuration and control have resulted in reduced complexity and improved performance.

LiquidSpring continues to develop products for other Class 3-7 on-highway truck and military markets as well as providing sales, application, manufacturing, distribution, and service of for their products.