LiquidSpring Company History

The CLASS® Suspension System

The LiquidSpring strut was conceived over 20 years ago to provide a safer and more reliable suspension for off-highway mining. Similar in construction to a conventional shock absorber, the strut is filled with compressible liquid as opposed to mineral oil.

The result? A unique platform with the capacity to support vehicle load and provide damping in a single element.

Originally, the technology worked very well for off-highway mining as it was needed to, quite plainly, save lives. However, through continuous innovation, LiquidSpring has further developed the strut for use with multiple on-highway applications.

The smart suspension systems developed by LiquidSpring are called CLASS® or Compressible Liquid Adaptive Suspension System. Over the last 10 years, LiquidSpring has established a market demand of over 95% among Type 1 ambulances because as with mining, lives are literally on the line.

Aside from safety alone, LiquidSpring offers incredible performance advantages and ride improvements. These improvments have allowed LiquidSpring to commercialize several additional CLASS® products for light and medium duty truck applications. LiquidSpring has products available for  shuttle buses, school buses, work trucks, brush trucks, overland vehicles and motorhomes.

Across markets, these products have demonstrated significant ride and handling improvements over conventional steel and air suspensions. Based on evaluations from OEM executives, dealership management, and customers alike – even “upgraded,” there is nothing “comparable” to LiquidSpring.

LiquidSpring continues to develop products for other Class 3-7 on-highway truck and military markets and provides sales, application, manufacturing, distribution, and service for their products.

Developed for Mining

Our first application for the CLASS® suspension system was large off-highway mining equipment where we pioneered our suspension system to reduce operator injury from extreme conditions.

Today, we bring an advanced, highly adaptive smart suspension to on-road, light- and medium-duty truck chassis providing an exceptionally smooth and luxurious ride across multiple markets.