Endlessly Reliable

When your community is counting on your fleet, you can’t afford to cut any corners.

Our Smart Suspension System evaluates speed, steering, braking and road inputs 1,000x per second to automatically optimize your ride quality, handling characteristics, and peace of mind.

It’s time for a smarter bus suspension


what matters most.

Reduce vibrations and road shock with a four-corner suspension that adjusts for a smooth driver and passenger experience at every turn.


onboarding for every rider.

Easily lower the chassis to allow passengers in wheelchairs to come on board, limiting the likelihood of a dangerous loading incident.


choice for your community.

Improved handling pays off in happy riders, happy drivers, and decreased maintenance costs over time. A true win-win-win for your fleet.

Let's talk mobility

One ride is all it takes to understand the
LiquidSpring difference.

An Active Suspension to
Fortify Your Fleet

All Aboard Four-corner kneeling capabilities provide easy access and a safer ride for passengers using mobility devices.
Not Easily Swayed
Wayne Wells
Take a virtual tour with LiquidSpring’s RV expert
Wayne Wells.
Happy Drivers Keep Driving Less fatigue and better handling contribute to driver retention: a win-win!
Not Easily Swayed
Wayne Wells
Take a virtual tour with LiquidSpring’s RV expert
Wayne Wells.
Smooth Sailing Passengers enjoy a smoother, more comfortable ride, every time.
Not Easily Swayed
Wayne Wells
Take a virtual tour with LiquidSpring’s RV expert
Wayne Wells.
On the Road, Not in the ShopReduced vibrations lead to fewer maintenance issues and longer vehicle life.
Not Easily Swayed
Wayne Wells
Take a virtual tour with LiquidSpring’s RV expert
Wayne Wells.

The Suspension Choice for
Top Mobility Manufacturers

How Does It Work?

Our 5-link structure is directed by an onboard microprocessor that simultaneously monitors speed, steering, braking, and road inputs 1000x per second using a proprietary compressible fluid as the spring mechanism to provide the optimal ride and handling characteristics at all times.

What Riders,
Are Saying

From school systems to city fleets to senior living centers, transit agencies are raving about LiquidSpring.

rural road
“I’m not someone who promotes a product just for kicks, but the product is amazing.”
Barb Cline
Prairie Hills Transit
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“Our newly installed LiquidSpring system has surpassed all expectations and we are all delighted with such a smooth and comfortable ride. It is evident from the residents’ smiles and hearty conversation. They can now focus on having fun as they travel to their next destination!”
Heather Oldfield, Community Life Director
The Fountains at Sea Bluffs, a Watermark Retirement Community
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wheelchair passenger
“Drivers and passengers alike love the LiquidSping suspension on the bus. It makes the day easier for the drivers, and the passengers enjoy the luxury ride in the bus. I will make sure all of our new buses get fitted for LiquidSpring. Best investment I have made since getting here.”
Bruce D. Morrow, MBA, CCTM. Transportation Manager
City of Cottonwood, AZ
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“One passenger with MS noticed the ride difference was considerably better than on previous days with other buses. The pain that this passenger felt during the ride was reduced by at least half. Multiple other passengers were able to tell him that they noticed the difference, too.”
Robert S. Rigby, Fleet Maintenance Supervisor
Utah Transit Authority
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