Warranty Conditions

LiquidSpring LLC warrants that all CLASS® products shall be free of defects in material and workmanship provided the product has been *properly assembled, *installed by a designated/qualified installer, properly maintained, serviced, and *used normally for the given application and within the rated capacities. The end user is responsible for operating, inspecting, and maintaining the product according to applicable product and vehicle owner’s manuals and for instructing all operators and maintenance personnel on proper use and maintenance.

The starting date for warranty coverage will be the earlier date of the date purchased by the first end user or when the vehicle is put into service and ends when the time is reached in the warranty coverage period below. Proof of such date is the responsibility of the first end user. If the starting date cannot be satisfactorily determined, then the date of product manufacture based on the product serial number shall be used as the effective starting date.

Main Structural Components – 60 Months or 100,000 miles whichever occurs first.

Major structural components are defined as frame hangers, control arms, axle clamp group, transverse torque arm, axle and frame mounts, and secondary volumes. All wear items such as bushings and strut seals are excluded.

Other Components – 36 Months or 50,000 miles whichever occurs first.

Other components include all power module components, electrical components, wire harnesses, valves, hydraulic lines, and other wear items such as bushings and strut seals.

Labor – 12 Months – See Coverage Statement Above.

Estimated labor time and cost must be pre-approved prior to conducting warranty repair work for reimbursement consideration.

  1. Review warranty conditions and coverage to determine if the component is warrantable.
  2. Locate product Serial number, Warranty starting date (see Coverage above), Mileage, vehicle manufacturer and VIN.
  3. Contact LiquidSpring LLC to address the claim.

Components must be returned to LiquidSpring LLC Prepaid and identified with a LiquidSpring LLC issued Returned Goods Authorization Number (RGA#) to qualify for reimbursement by LiquidSpring LLC. LiquidSpring LLC must authorize all warranty repairs at a cost determined and approved by LiquidSpring LLC before any repairs are started.

Warranty Contact
Limitations and Exclusions

The liability of LiquidSpring LLC under this limited warranty is solely limited to the repair or replacement of defective material and workmanship by an authorized party. LiquidSpring LLC shall not be liable for use of non-LiquidSpring LLC components or for repairs performed by unauthorized parties. This warranty does not include any expense of or related to transportation of parts outside the Continental United States or compensation for inconvenience or loss of use while the product is being repaired. LiquidSpring LLC shall not be liable for any expense, loss, or damage (direct, incidental, consequential or exemplary – including, but not limited to towing expenses, travel expenses, vehicle rental, downtime expenses, incidental charges or any other losses arising in connection with the sale, use or inability to use the product) resulting from the warranty-covered component found to be defective.

No expressed warranty is given by LiquidSpring LLC with respect to its product except at specifically set forth herein. Any warranty implied by law, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for particular purpose, is limited to the expressed warranty term provided in the warranty coverage. The expressed warranty does not apply in the event of: use of non-LiquidSpring LLC replacement components; improper installation, maintenance or repair; misuse, negligence, or abuse including but not limited to overloading, unauthorized alterations or modifications.