LiquidSpring is a revolutionary active suspension technology that is designed to simultaneously and instantaneously provide a vehicle with both sports car-like responsiveness in handling, and a smoother, luxury car-like ride.

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Designed to Lead the CLASS®

Compressible Liquid Adaptive Suspension System: An Active Suspension Solution

  • An onboard processor directs our smart suspension and communicates with the support components to respond to driving inputs within 40 milliseconds
  • Compressible fluid is rapidly modulated to adjust spring rates as needed based on speed, steering, braking, and road conditions
  • Having the right spring, at the right time, in every situation, provides for unparalleled comfort and control
  • Our active suspension does the work so the driver can focus on their journey, not battling the road

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Without driver intervention, the active suspension CLASS system automatically, instantaneously, and seamlessly provides a either a soft spring or a stiff spring with associated damping as needed for road and driving conditions.
  • A user-friendly driver interface with graphic display for drive and diagnostic modes integrates system controls and chassis leveling while also providing a means for troubleshooting the system.
  • Kneeling and over-height capability to improve accessibility and provide improved clearance for ground obstacles.
  • Automatically load levels chassis compensating for imbalance and variations in vehicle payload distribution.
  • Responsible for minimal power consumption as the pump is only on when system is operational.


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In a Word it is a WOW!

“We ordered our 2019 34PA with the Liquid Springs rear system directly from Tiffin. Today, I picked up our coach from LiquidSpring’s facility in Lafayette, IN with the new front system installed. In a word it is a WOW! It makes a huge difference, all for the better in terms of the ride and handling…I drove from LS north on I-65, I-94 and I-196 to Grand Rapids, about 200 miles, experiencing some of the crappiest roads east of the Mississippi. Lots of construction, uneven lanes, bridge abutments and way too many 18 wheelers exceeding the speed limit. Most of the drive was with only one hand on the steering wheel. My coach now handles like a pick-up truck.
I love it, love it!”

David Campbell, RV Owner & LiquidSpring Customer
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