Diesel Push-ed to the Side

LiquidSpring’s solution for gas RV suspension systems will get your Class A or C to ride as comfortably as a diesel (if not more so), while simultaneously offering a handling capability that will make your coach feel like a small pick-up rather than a sail on wheels. Railroad tracks? Barely noticeable. Long curves? Bring ’em on. Travel can be just as much about the journey as the destination, and with LiquidSpring underneath you, there will certainly be more joy in your journey. Don’t fight the road, enjoy the ride with LiquidSpring!

Luxury Car Ride. Sports Car Handling. 

This is the Suspension with CLASS®

Compressible Liquid Adaptive Suspension System

LiquidSpring is a smart suspension system for ambulances, shuttle buses, RVs, school buses and work trucks. Liquid-based struts and an onboard processor provide better handling and control when you need it, and a smoother, softer ride when you want it. The reduced vehicle vibration increases comfort and can also lower maintenance costs. In short, we named our company LiquidSpring because it is the heart of our system, a shock-absorbing liquid, enhanced with smart controls to bring you the right sized spring for every moment, instead of a one-size-fits-all metal spring solution.

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Smart Suspension Features at a Glance

RV Features

Test Drive-2021 LiquidSpring 4-Corner Class System for F53 Chassis

Our friends Izzy & MJ from Endless RVing test drive our 4-Corner RV suspension system at the Tampa SuperShow, January 2021!

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Article – Lure of the Open Road – Motorhome Magazine

Tiffin’s Allegro 34 PA gasser closes in on the panache of a diesel pusher with the optional LiquidSpring RV suspension upgrade.

Fortunately, gas-powered motorhomes no longer take a step back from the luxury and livability once only found in more expensive diesel pushers.

Add on the optional LiquidSpring Compressible Liquid Adaptive Suspension System upgrade for the Ford F-53 chassis right from the factory and ride quality becomes comparable to a diesel pusher with air springs.

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Test Drive-2020 Tiffin Allegro Open Road

See an extensive test drive of the 2020 Tiffin Allegro Open Road unit. Hit the road with our own salesman Wayne Wells who is being interviewed by Michael with RV Diem on his quest for the perfect RV suspension!

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Bob Livingston’s Testimonial – Trailer Life Magazine

An industry leader talks about what LiquidSpring is revolutionizing, and the need in the marketplace for better RV suspension solutions.

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

See what others have been saying about LiquidSpring suspension.

The motorhome itself seems to be much more stable

Even though I was only able to drive the motorhome a short distance from LiquidSpring back to Dynamax in Elkhart, Indiana I wanted to let you know how much better the unit rode and drove. It felt like the sting we were receiving from expansion joints and bridge joints has been controlled and lessened considerably. And, as you indicated the motorhome itself seems to be much more stable when turning, changing lanes, etc. I look forward to putting more miles on the unit to see how it performs under many different conditions, but my first impression is that it was much improved. Thank you for all your help in arranging this addition to the rig.

Update: We have now had a chance to put about 1000 miles on the motorhome and the suspension has been terrific! The ride is much more comfortable and controlled and the impact with potholes and expansion joints is so much easier on the motorhome and passengers. Thanks for a great product!

Bill Hicks

Purchasing our class A motor home no longer feels like a mistake

I wanted to report in that we had a delightful trip home last Friday. We didn’t notice semi trucks or cars passing, barely noticed any roughness going over bridges or rough highway, and the 4 hour drive was really relaxing for Ron. All just like you said it would be! The LiquidSpring suspension is amazing. We no longer feel like we made a mistake purchasing our class A motor home. We will be in touch in a few months to see if the front suspension is available.

Ron and Marcia Denton
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Front and Rear Suspension Options

LiquidSpring’s smooth suspension is standard as a rear suspension only, where it is needed most. However, on select chassis there is an optional front suspension upgrade to further improve ride and handling. It also provides even more driver comfort by reducing felt vibration on rough roads.

Ford F53 front suspension now available!

New for 2021
LiquidSpring is proud to announce that the front suspension upgrade is now available for purchase.

Compatibility with 2011 and newer chassis means all current owners of the rear-only system are eligible for this upgrade.

RV Suspension: Supported Chassis Update


RV Suspension: Additional Supported Chassis

Chevy/GMC G3500/4500 suspension.


Ford E-350 suspension, E-450 suspension and F-550 suspension.

Ford E Series

Ram 5500 suspension.


Freightliner M2/S2/S2C suspension.


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