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Our customers are not shy about their experience with LiquidSpring. Take their word for it!

An Easier Ride for RV Drivers and Passengers
“The ride is much more comfortable and controlled and the impact with potholes and expansion joints is so much easier on the motorhome and passengers.”
Bill Hicks
RV Owner of 20 years, La Vegas, NV
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Easier Wheelchair Onboarding for Students
“I noticed the handling differences right away . . . not the typical rocking movement. The smoother ride means a lot less adjustments with the wheelchair lift and all the other components that vibrate loose while on the road.”
Nancy Geesey, Director of Transportation
Kingman Academy of Learning
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A Limousine-Like Ride for Senior Residents
“I have noticed a remarkable difference in how our bus rides. Our new Starcraft Allstar 25 bus, with the LiquidSpring suspension, is among the very smoothest rides I have ever experienced. It rides more like a limousine than it does a bus. We have also experienced a remarkable increase in passenger satisfaction!”
Matthew Pesco, Resident Services Manager
Samaritan Village Senior Living
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