The latest technology delivers a ride with less fatigue

Give transit riders or even luxury tour bus passengers the ultimate suspension for stability and comfort. Drivers and passengers alike instantly notice the difference. Drivers experience less fatigue and safer handling. The proven LiquidSpring™ smart suspension for bus applications offer superior advantages over conventional suspensions. Don’t just take our word for it.

The ultimate in driver and passenger comfort

This is the Suspension with CLASS®

Compressible Liquid Adaptive Suspension System

LiquidSpring is a smart suspension system for ambulances, shuttle buses, RVs, school buses and work trucks. Liquid-based struts and an onboard processor provide better handling and control when you need it, and a smoother, softer ride when you want it. The reduced vehicle vibration increases comfort and can also lower maintenance costs. In short, we named our company LiquidSpring because it is the heart of our system, a shock-absorbing liquid, enhanced with smart controls to bring you the right sized spring for every moment, instead of a one-size-fits-all metal spring solution.

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Article – Prairie Hills Transit

When your agency needs to cover nine rural counties in South Dakota, facing high winds and less than optimal road maintenance, you need practical solutions. LiquidSpring proved to be up to the task for Prairie Hills Transit, and is now an approved upgrade for all agencies in the state.

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Prairie Hills Transport

Smart Suspension Features at a Glance

Test Track Video

See how this bus performs under a variety of poor road conditions. LiquidSpring not only adds passenger comfort, but it also prevents stress on the chassis frame, reducing repairs from rough conditions.

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

See what others have been saying about LiquidSpring suspension.

The bus rides more like a limousine now

I have well over 15 years of experience with commercial driving and have operated Class A trucks with doubles, Class B transit, paratransit buses, even up to super-stretch limousines. I have driven in virtually every type of driving condition on every kind of road and traffic condition.

With the LiquidSpring suspension, I have noticed a remarkable difference in how our bus rides. I oversee the bus and van transportation services for a Senior Living Community just outside of Modesto California. Modesto reportedly has some of the worst roads in America. Our new Starcraft Allstar 25 bus, with the LiquidSpring suspension, is among the very smoothest rides I have ever experienced. It rides more like a limousine than it does a bus. While traveling on the rural backroads, we frequently encounter bumps and potholes that made the ride of our old bus very uncomfortable. With the new suspension systems, passengers frequently comment on how smooth the ride is. They often say that the bus rides “like a charter bus.” We have experienced a remarkable increase in passenger satisfaction.

In our old bus, the noise and vibrations were so bad that passengers could not carry on a conversation. On one excursion, we traveled to Yosemite National Park. While on the twisty mountain roads, I was able to quickly switch the firmness of the ride to maximize stability and control, and then change back to Comfort Ride for a smooth and quiet ride.

While negotiating steep driveways and parking lots within Modesto and Turlock city limits, I have been able to quickly raise the ride-height to ensure adequate clearance, thus reducing the risk of dragging the exhaust or bumper. I have been thrilled with our new suspension system Travis. Thank you so much for the excellent customer experience!

Matthew Pesco, Resident Services Manager, Samaritan Village Senior Living

Compared to the Original, LiquidSpring’s Bus Suspension is Like Night and Day

While it’s fresh on my mind – I rode this bus back home from Chicago last night after working at O’Hare since Tuesday. I deliberately sat over the rear axle to get the full effect of the ride quality. You can still feel bumps, but there is nothing excessive about it. We had a terribly rigid leaf spring on the stock chassis, and it was our number one source of rider complaints – probably about 90% of the legitimate complaints. I had one person across the aisle from me in my row, and one person on each side of the aisle of the row in front of me. All three were asleep most of the ride, with their seats reclined. I was able to comfortably work on my laptop and watch videos on my phone without any excessive jarring. The difference between before/after the installation has been like night and day for us. Not one single person has complained about the ride since installing the Liquid Spring suspension. With the original suspension, it was nearly impossible for me to get any work done on my laptop without accidentally hitting keys or clicking buttons. We couldn’t be more pleased with the improvement we’ve seen. It’s not a cheap system, but it has been very much worth it for us and our particular usage of the vehicle.

Paul, Owner, Reindeer Shuttle

Pain-Free Transportation Helps Seniors Focus on Fun

testimonial-bluffsThanks for the great service and the wonderful new system. As Community Life Director for a large luxury retirement community, I plan many outings using the bus we recently purchased. Many residents stopped signing up for the trips as our bus had a basic suspension with a very rough and violent ride. Residents as well as myself complained of body pains and discomfort even on the short rides.

During our initial meeting when you assured us an improved ride quality, I wasn’t sure you would be able to pull it off since our ride was so bad. Your team has completely made a believer out of me and our frail residents. Our newly installed LiquidSpring™ system has surpassed all expectations and we are all delighted with such a smooth and comfortable ride. It is evident from the residents smiles and hearty conversation. They can now focus on having fun as they travel to their next destination! Thank you again for your expertise in engineering as well as excellent customer service. We are 100% satisfied! Again, thanks for everything.”

Heather Oldfield, Community Life Director, The Fountains at Sea Bluffs, a Watermark Retirement Community
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Fights Driver Fatigue

What are the improvements beyond handling? The active suspension also gives increased stability and comfort to drivers and passengers alike.  There is a substantial reduction in bouncing compared to stiff standard bus suspensions, especially in the rear seats. Drivers experience less fatigue because a smoother ride is not just a luxury. The practical advantage is that longer shifts are possible when the driver stays comfortably in their seat and upright. The constant fight against sway and neck-snapping induced by the road with a traditional suspension can be very tiring.

Increases Special Needs Comfort

This enhanced comfort is also appreciated by special needs passengers, especially those with reduced motor function and less ability to fight these forces. With multiple chassis to choose from, there are options for both standard-sized and smaller mobility busses. Active suspension upgrades have a proven track record of increasing comfort in EMS/ambulance suspension systems where performance and comfort are key deciding factors.

The added comfort has also proven to be an especially popular upgrade for retirement community busses. “Many residents stopped signing up for the trips as our bus had a basic suspension with a very rough and violent ride. Residents, as well as myself, complained of body pains and discomfort even on the short rides. Our newly installed active suspension system has surpassed all expectations and we are all delighted with such a smooth and comfortable ride.”- Heather Oldfield, Community Life Director, The Fountains at Sea Bluffs, a Watermark Retirement Community

Better Suspension for Better Control

For areas with poor roads, it can also improve bus maintenance issues. An active suspension absorbs the forces of the road, keeping them from being passed on to the frame. With a standard suspension, the differing forces on each of the four wheels can create chassis twist. Frame flex can be transmitted to body panels and other mounted equipment from this repeated movement. Both the bus and the riders benefit from this upgrade, as witnessed by this test drive report.

“I have to say that I was impressed with the handling differences. I noticed right away when I pulled out of the driveway. There was not the rocking movement typical for the passengers. The bus was smoother when going over the ‘great’ streets around RWC, off of Central Ave. I pushed the limits, going around corners fast and making aggressive lane changes. I wanted to see if the body roll was different; it was. I couldn’t get the passengers to slide out of the seats, which had happened when I was a new driver back in 1997. I was impressed with the handling of the bus, with sharp maneuvering and in and out of driveways.

I feel that with the smoother ride, there would be a lot less adjustments needed with the wheelchair lift and all the other components (AC lines, that have broke, the heater covers, screw heads that have popped off, AC covers, air canisters, etc.) that vibrate loose with our ‘great’ roads here in AZ.” – Nancy Geesey, Director of Transportation, Kingman Academy of Learning.

Reduces Maintenance

This reduction of maintenance has also been a key selling point for recreational vehicle customers. For full-time campers, maintenance on the vehicle means having to leave your house behind while it is in the shop. Active suspension makes believers quickly, as the following test drive report shows.

“By the time we had traveled from North Carolina to Missouri, the freeway ride had been so rough that the front grill had broken free from three of its four mounting points and was dangling inches away from the radiator. And before we reached Colorado, the vibrations and bouncing had sheared the four screws that keep the dashboard cover mounted to the coach frame.” Bill Goldman, owner and blogger on Open Roadscapes, said of his motorhome. After his upgrade, there was a marked improvement. “The first hint, just shortly after starting my trip, was a seat-of-the-pants sensation that there was less vibration, even on smooth roads. Then, as I drove at higher speeds, this became obvious to my ears – I wasn’t hearing the usual rattles and creaking from the back of the coach,” he said.  “As the day wore on, my hands registered the most surprising difference of all: they remained relaxed.”

Supported Charter Bus Chassis

Chevy/GMC G3500/4500 suspension.


Ford E-350 suspension, Ford E-450 suspension and Ford F-550 suspension.

Ford E Series

Ram 5500 suspension.


Freightliner M2/S2/S2C suspension.


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