EMS Team in Colorado Swears by LiquidSpring All Year Round

I am very happy with the LiquidSpring System and would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve safety and ride comfort. The ambulances kneel to a safe deck height for loading and unloading and return to service level, even in -30 degree temperatures. I am thankful we opted to purchase the LiquidSpring System for our ambulances and now it will become a standard on all future Grand County EMS ambulances.”

Ray K. Jennings, Chief, Grand County Emergency Medical Services

For an ambulance driver, passenger safety and comfort is extremely important. For an ambulance passenger, feeling safe so that they can remain calm is crucial. These reasons are exactly why Ray Jennings has installed LiquidSpring suspension systems in all of his ambulances.

Jennings is the Chief of Grand County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) out of Grand County, Colorado. He knows better than most people how tough the Colorado roads can be, especially during the winter. He also knows how tough they can be on his passengers who have been physically injured or are in another form of distress.

When Jennings and his team began the design process for their newly purchased 4 door chassis, he explained that their number one priority was a kneeling system to bring their load height to a reasonable level. He said, “during the design process, we spoke with several individuals as we looked at various systems.” One of those individuals was Carl Harr, National Sales Director for LiquidSpring.

A Long Drive to Seal the Deal
“Carl made himself available to us, educating us on the system,” Jennings said. “I also had the opportunity to see firsthand the system on an ambulance. This sealed the deal, seeing it in action convinced me and my team that this was the right product to improve our ambulance design. After having his ambulances built out by AEV Ambulances, Jennings and his team got a great deal of experience right off the bat. They excitedly picked up their new rigs, fully equipped with LiquidSpring Smart Suspension systems, and drove them 1,800 miles back to Colorado. “The LiquidSpring suspension did everything you and Carl had said it would do,” Jennings shared, “It is so nice to purchase a product that meets a high standard and expectations.
A Suspension System Backed By an EMS Team

While the mountainous and unpredictable roads of Colorado may be a concern for some drivers, Jennings and his team can’t say the same for themselves. LiquidSpring Smart Suspension monitors road and driving conditions 1,000x a second and automatically adjusts the suspension stiffness for an optimized ride. Regardless of the road beneath or the state of their passengers in the back, their ride will be smooth and bring comfort to everyone.

Jennings and the rest of his team at Grand County EMS now drive and care for passengers in their 2013 Dodge 4-door cab chassis with 4 wheel drive and LiquidSpring suspension system. I am thankful we opted to purchase the LiquidSpring System for our ambulances,” Jennings shared, “now it will become a standard on all future Grand County EMS ambulances.”