LiquidSpring Partners with McKee RV to Build the Ultimate DYNAMAX Super C RV

Adventure and RV enthusiasts, get ready for an exciting development in the world of adventure RV! LiquidSpring, a leading provider of innovative suspension systems, is thrilled to announce its partnership with McKee RV to promote a range of custom packages for DYNAMAX motorhomes. These new buildouts are BUILT FOR ADVENTURE – and take the already adventurous DYNAMAX motorhome to new heights, making it the ultimate Super C with all the necessary features for rugged exploration.

McKee RV: The Adventure Enthusiasts’ Destination

When it comes to catering to adventure and RV enthusiasts, McKee RV stands out as a premier destination. Located in Iowa, McKee RV serves customers nationwide, providing top-notch services and offerings that cater to the needs of even the most discerning adventurers. With a reputation for excellence and a commitment to customer satisfaction, McKee RV is the perfect partner for LiquidSpring in their “Built for Adventure” campaign.

Unparalleled Expertise and Customer Service

McKee RV prides itself on its knowledgeable team of experts who are passionate about the world of RVs and outdoor exploration. With years of experience under their belts, the McKee RV staff is well-equipped to guide customers in selecting the perfect DYNAMAX motorhome and custom package for their unique needs.

A Wide Range of Adventurous Options

One of the standout features of McKee RV is its extensive selection of DYNAMAX Super C motorhomes. From the luxurious Dynamax Isata 5 to the versatile Renegade Veracruz and the impressive Thor Motor Coach Magnitude, adventurers can find the perfect motorhome to suit their style and preferences.

Commitment to Excellence

McKee RV understands that each customer is looking for something different when it comes to their adventure-driven lifestyle. That’s why they have partnered with LiquidSpring to offer custom packages and buildouts that take DYNAMAX Super C motorhomes to the next level. The Elevation Off Grid Edition and BMF Edition are just the beginning, as McKee RV and LiquidSpring continue to work on expanding the range of packages and trim levels available to customers.

Now, The Upgrades

Elevation Off Grid Edition

One of the two exciting packages offered is the “Elevation Off Grid Edition.” This edition boasts an array of impressive features that enhance performance and durability. Let’s take a closer look at some of the highlights:

  • Liquid Spring Suspension: Experience an unmatched level of comfort and stability on your off-grid adventures.
  • Earth Leveling: Navigate uneven terrain with ease, thanks to the advanced leveling system.
  • Single Wheel Conversion: Enhance maneuverability and conquer the most challenging landscapes effortlessly.
  • Power Running Boards: Access your motorhome with ease, while adding a touch of convenience.
  • Baja Design Lighting: Illuminate your path with the powerful Baja Design XL 80 High-Power LED cornering lamps and LP6 driving/combo lights.
  • Warn Winch: Equipped with the Warn 16.5ti-S Winch and 1.5″ Hause Aluminum Fairlead, overcome obstacles and tackle any off-road challenge.
  • Upgraded Front End Sway Bar: Improve handling and stability for a confident driving experience.

BMF Edition

The second package on offer is the “BMF Edition.” Designed for ultimate performance and style, this package includes the following noteworthy features:

  • Liquid Spring Suspension: Enjoy a smooth and controlled ride, even in demanding conditions.
  • Earth Leveling: Conquer uneven terrains effortlessly while maintaining stability and comfort.
  • Single Wheel Conversion: Enhance maneuverability and agility for your adventure-filled journeys.
  • Black Custom Wheels: Make a bold statement with 20×11 black custom wheels.
  • Fiber Glass Front Fender Flares: Aesthetically enhance your motorhome with fender flares painted to match the cab.
  • LED Lighting: Illuminate the way with 6″ drive LED lights and 4″ fog LED lights.
  • Radiator Skid Pan: Shield your motorhome’s radiator from potential damage on rugged terrain.
  • Speedometer Calibrator: Ensure accurate speed readings with this essential calibration tool.

Applicable Units

LiquidSpring’s custom packages are compatible with the following units, allowing adventure seekers to transform their chosen motorhome into the ultimate Super C:

  1. Dynamax Isata 5
  2. Renegade Veracruz
  3. Thor Motor Coach Magnitude

LiquidSpring’s partnership with McKee RV brings forth an incredible opportunity for those seeking adventure on the road. With custom packages like the Elevation Off Grid Edition and BMF Edition, DYNAMAX Super C motorhome owners can enhance their vehicles with game-changing features that optimize performance and durability. Whether it’s conquering rough terrains or embarking on off-grid escapades, LiquidSpring and McKee RV have paved the way for unforgettable adventures. Learn more about what’s so great about the Super C here.

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