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 If you’re like many motorhome owners, you’ve probably asked yourself this question, as well as your fellow road warriors. Though by now you’ve heard of LiquidSpring, you’ve probably not had the chance to experience it yourself. You may have read the reviews online and understand how the technology has completely changed the game for thousands of RV owners over the last couple of years. Maybe you know that Liquid Spring has equipped over 30,000 vehicles to date, and over 97% of type 1 ambulances annually. Perhaps you’re aware of LiquidSpring’s historical partnerships with manufacturers like Tiffin, Fleetwood and Holiday Rambler. But what you’re probably more interested in is – “What’s next?”

The motorhome landscape has grown and shifted dramatically over the past few years, and LiquidSpring continues to stay at the forefront by offering the greatest possible experience to drivers on behalf of their leading manufacturing partners. Along with Tiffin and REV Recreation, they are proud to continue factory relationships with Phoenix Cruiser 

 and Hoosier Cruiser, and extremely excited to confirm new factory opportunities with Winnebago, on their Adventurer product line, and Dynamax, on their Isata 5. 

While the Class A will always be a staple of the industry, the emergence of the “Super C” is something that cannot be ignored, and the partnership with Dynamax could not make more sense. Not only will LiquidSpring be available as a premium option on some Isata 5 models beginning in 2024, but Dynamax is releasing the off-road capable “Extreme Edition” that they debuted at the Elkhart Open House in September to rave reviews.. This “Overland” style vehicle will not only feature a LiquidSpring Suspension, but custom fender flares, bumpers and upgraded lighting all on a 4” lift with a 41” off-road tire on the RAM 5500 chassis. It’s a sight to be seen! 

With the explosion of the “Overland” and “Vanlife” markets, the demand for higher quality, more capable vehicles has never been higher. When it comes to developing off-road vehicles to meet this high demand, just ask Storyteller Overland, 27 North, or someone building a custom rig. If you need something as comfortable as it is capable – your rig needs to ride on a LiquidSpring Smart Suspension.

LiquidSpring is excited to partner again with Phoenix Cruiser as they develop their own beautiful Super C on the Ford F-550/600 chassis. This vehicle will maintain the quality and interior comforts that are synonymous with the Phoenix Cruiser line of Class C motorhomes, but will provide a more heavy-duty chassis for higher-capacity travel.