Patient In Ambulance Equipped with LiquidSpring Asks EMT If They’re Riding in a Cadillac

“The first patient transported by the ambulance with LiquidSpring asked the EMS crew if this was the ‘Cadillac’ ambulance or the other one they had. When she learned it was indeed the ride with LiquidSpring, she said, ‘Good, now I can relax.’

Randall Newman, EMS Officer/Program Analyst, Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living

For Randall Newman, ambulance ride comfort and quality are a top priority for him. This isn’t because of his personal preferences, though those do matter. This is because his passengers are also a top priority for him.

Newman works for Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living. When a patient needs to be transported to the hospital, he needs to be confident that in their physical distress, their comfort will not be an issue as well. This is where LiquidSpring Smart Suspension steps in and instills that confidence. EMS staff can get their job done with limited concerns for passenger comfort and safety.

EMS Staff Can’t Believe Drastic Difference in Ride Quality

Newman reached out to the LiquidSpring team back in 2016 to share his experience.

“I received a phone call yesterday from a frontline EMS paramedic,” Newman wrote, “he wanted to tell me that the inclusion of the LiquidSpring suspension system into the Manitoba ambulances was, in his view, probably the best change for improving the patient care experience on the ambulance vehicles.

According to Newman, his EMS staff at Manitoba Health were using a spare ambulance while theirs was in the shop for routine maintenance. When they got their LiquidSpring-equipped ambulance back from service, they couldn’t believe how lucky they had been.

The EMS staff, all of them, approached their union rep and stated how happy they were to get back the ambulance from maintenance,”  Newman shared, “I was told by the EMS union staff rep that the difference in ride quality between the 2 ambulance vehicles was absolutely amazing.

Ambulance Passenger Thinks They're Riding in a Luxury Vehicle

An ambulance ride, regardless of if it is for an emergency or a routine procedure, is never something a patient will be over the moon about. Health issues can be incredibly scary so when a patient is taking an ambulance to the hospital, it is important that they feel comfortable and safe in their time of need. The potholes below should feel like pillows, sharp turns should be seamless, and weather should never be a concern.

Randall Newman really drove the point home when he shared a sweet story from their EMS crew. According to them, their first patient since having their LiquidSprings equipped ambulance back asked if they were riding to the hospital in a “Cadillac ambulance.” and when they smiled and said yes the patient stated “Good, now I can relax.”

The LiquidSpring Smart Suspension System monitors road and driving conditions 1,000x a second and automatically adjusts the suspension stiffness for an optimized ride. This is why for the EMS staff over at Manitoba Health, LiquidSpring-equipped ambulances are the only option.