Shuttle Bus Owner Becomes A Passenger For The Day

“Not one single person has complained about the ride since installing the LiquidSpring suspension. With the original suspension, it was nearly impossible for me to get any work done on my laptop without accidentally hitting keys or clicking buttons. We couldn’t be more pleased with the improvement we’ve seen.

Paul, Owner, Reindeer Shuttle

For shuttle service owner Paul, buses are more than just a way to get from point A to point B. As the owner of Reindeer Shuttle in Chicago, Paul relies heavily on a memorable ride for his customers. A smooth and easy ride keeps them coming back and keeps him in business.

Not long ago, Paul became a passenger of his own shuttles for a day, a shuttle equipped with the LiquidSpring Smart Suspension system.

I rode this bus back home from Chicago last night after working at O’Hare since Tuesday,” He says, “I deliberately sat over the rear axle to get the full effect of the ride quality. You can still feel bumps, but there is nothing excessive about it.”

A Commute Shouldn’t Be A Waste of Time

Paul’s shuttle buses do routes around the Chicago area. They take care of people traveling for business, families going on trips, commuters heading into the city for work, tourists ready to explore, you name it! As with most busy traveling passengers, they are trying to get some shut eye, work on their computers, or something in between. Thanks to the LiquidSpring suspension system, all theses things are now possible for Reindeer Shuttle passengers.

On Paul’s day as a passenger, he was pleasantly surprised by what he saw. “I had one person across the aisle from me in my row, and one person on each side of the aisle of the row in front of me,” he told us, “All three were asleep most of the ride, with their seats reclined.” Paul was also pleased by what he experienced first hand when he adds, “I was able to comfortably work on my laptop and watch videos on my phone without any excessive jarring.

The Difference Is Like Night and Day

For any business owner, legitimate complaints will keep you up at night. Before LiquidSpring, the number one source of rider complaints was a rough and bumpy ride. Luckily for Paul and all of his current and future passengers over at Reindeer Shuttle, those days are over. Paul excitedly told us, “Not one single person has complained about the ride since installing the LiquidSpring suspension. We couldn’t be more pleased with the improvement we’ve seen.”

The LiquidSpring smart suspension system that utilizes liquid based struts and an onboard processor that provides far better handling and control. It is the heart of the system and the reason why Paul is so pleased with his purchase and his passengers are resting easy on their rides.

Unpredictable rural roads, a city with more potholes than people, and weather that changes on the dime…this LiquidSpring suspension system is quite the stand out feature for Reindeer Shuttle.

Paul summed his experience up perfectly when he said, “The difference between before/after the installation has been like night and day for us.