Smooth Shuttles for West Side Tractor

West Side Tractor operates 11 locations across the states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Michigan. The heavy equipment manufacturer provides design, equipment, technology, and  service to over 80 countries and hosts thousands of visitors every year. Moving visitors across state lines to view the different facets of the business requires transportation that is as exceptional as the products and service they provide. 

“We run an F-550 shuttle bus to take customers to the factory and other settings, which we bought in 2017,” explains Bill Price, sales manager at West Side Tractor. “It originally had a really rough ride. It wasn’t very comfortable for people and it just rattled everything.” 

Price reached out to LiquidSpring for help and the rest is history. First, LiquidSpring worked with Price to replace the shuttle’s first suspension upgrade – an airlift system that did not meet the needs of West Side Tractor. In the following five years, we have continued to improve the ride of their vehicle through multiple updates. And as Price explains, 

“The latest generation is just incredible. Our driver comments that it handles so much better. I’ve driven the vehicle myself and it drives like my half ton pickup. My 2020 Ford Super Duty Platinum doesn’t ride as well and drive as nice as that 550 does with the LiquidSpring package, which is really cool.”

He continues, “What we have now is just really impressive. Especially the front shocks. Our customers are happier because they have a better-quality ride and the driver’s happy too because he can drive probably 10 miles an hour faster and maintain stability and control.”

Installing a LiquidSpring smart suspension system on the West Side Tractor shuttle allows the company to offer customers a high-end experience during their time together. A typical trip takes passengers from the sales headquarters in LaFayette Indiana to the manufacturing facility in Davenport, Iowa. And back! 

Before installing LiquidSpring, this nearly five-hour highway drive would undoubtedly be burdensome with standard F-550 suspension. As Price explained, “We had everything but the comfort covered. We had music, drinks, and everything – and the people were complaining. It wasn’t working.”

Thanks to our partnership, West Side Tractor is now able to deliver a fully enjoyable experience to their customers when they visit, which in Price’s words, “that’s a huge win for us.”