Customer Journey: Outfitting a Dynamax Isata5

In the world of adventure trucks and recreational vehicles, there’s a constant quest for improvement and innovation to provide travelers with the most comfortable and enjoyable experiences on the road. LiquidSpring has been diligently working to deliver top-notch solutions that redefine the way we ride in our adventure vehicles. And we love sharing the experiences of individuals who have discovered what #LiquidRide really means. 

Tom’s LiquidSpring Experience

In October ‘22, Tom discovered the transformative power of Liquid Springs for his Dynamax Isata5 – 30FW. 

“I want to say thank you for your hard work and getting my Dynamax Isata5 – 30FW completed. It drives great and LiquidSpring makes it the best. I wish I had just gone to you from the beginning!”


Tom’s LiquidSpring experience began like many others: with a big purchase. The Dynamax Isata5 – 30FW already offered an enjoyable experience on a RAM 5500 SLT chassis – complete with standard RAM ESC Suspension & Stability package – but he was determined to take it to the next level. Enter LiquidSpring.

Tom went through LiquidSpring’s Preferred Installer network to have his system installed at Bus-Tech in Sacramento, CA. Further modifications, completed by Buckstop Truckware, included a single rear wheel conversion and adaptation of the LiquidSpring system to fit the bigger tires.

The LiquidSpring Difference

LiquidSpring is a game-changer in the world of super truck suspension systems. Through the use of liquid-based shocks, controlled by a unique, adaptive technology, the system delivers an incredibly smooth and comfortable ride, regardless of the terrain and surrounding elements. By dynamically adjusting to changing road conditions, LiquidSpring significantly reduce vibrations, sway, and harshness, resulting in a safer and more enjoyable journey.

After the installation of Liquid Springs in their Dynamax Isata5 – 30FW, our customer’s RV adventures took on a new dimension. The driving experience was nothing short of exceptional. They noticed an immediate improvement in stability and control, especially while navigating winding roads or facing challenging weather conditions. Long hours on the road became more relaxing, and they arrived at their destinations feeling less fatigued.

And oh, the places @tom_transplant has gone.

At LiquidSpring, we strive to deliver innovation and excellence to our customers. We are honored to have played a role in Tom’s adventures. If you’re considering an upgrade to your suspension system, we invite you to reach out to discover what a LiquidSpring experience could mean for you and your vehicle. Our team is always ready to talk shop.