Customer Journey: Outfitting a Tiffin Open Road Allegro with LiquidSpring

We are always excited to share our customer journeys, from install to final destination(s). Our latest customer journey is a detailed account of the decision process and ride home after a LiquidSpring installation. Read on to see how their 2022 Tiffin Open Road Allegro with LiqiudSpring handles now. 

In the words of Don & Mickie

My wife and I purchased a new 2022 Tiffin Open Road 32SA in Oct 2021. We purchased new because we wanted to take advantage of the upgrades Ford made to the new F53 chassis in 2021. These upgrades included a more rigid suspension. 

After getting the coach and taking a trip from Michigan to Red Bay, AL, and then to Florida, we discovered that this tighter suspension from Ford was not so great. It felt as if you could lose an overhead cabinet when we hit the bridge joint strips. As the driver, I also learned about the effects of wind resistance when being passed by speeding semis. I discovered the push and pull effect caused by these trucks.  This was nerve wracking to say the least. 

I had already researched LiquidSpring after watching some RV YouTube videos and I knew that this was the best solution; but could I convince my wife we needed to spend some serious money on a new motorhome upgrade?

I did not have to wait long. It was on that first trip, from Michigan to Alabama, that she started to ask about LiquidSpring. And we were only in Indiana. Oh, happy day!

So we outfitted our 2022 Tiffin Open Road Allegro with LiqiudSpring:

It was a very exciting day when I took delivery of my motorhome from LiquidSpring with the new four corner system installed. Instead of just traveling back home, we went further west into Illinois. We drove interstate and state roads for our “test drive.” My wife and I were beyond speechless! She noticed even before I did the difference in the ride while being passed by semi-trucks. She normally sits at the dinette behind the driver so she feels and sees the same view as me. She immediately told me she didn’t feel the semi pass at all.

We have been so pleased with the system that I talk it up to everyone who will listen to me. At an RV show at the end of 2022, I met a couple who had recently purchased a new gas Class A motorhome. We started to chat and I brought up LiquidSpring and how fantastic I thought it was. They told me they had looked at the YouTube videos and read about it online as well. In February 2023, I took them for a ride in my motorhome to experience the comfort of this ride. They were blown away when they saw I only had a light one-handed grip on the steering wheel while being passed by semi-trucks. 

In May 2023, we took a trip west covering numerous states in the journey. I preferred to drive state two-lane roads versus interstates. During that drive, I experienced the worst winds yet. I had a consistent 35-mph headwind traveling east from Illinois, Missouri, and into Kansas. LiquidSpring greatly reduced the battle for control of the steering due to their selective ride control. We continued into Colorado and our ride was incredible. Crosswinds while traveling through mountain passes were very manageable. 

Another added plus to having LiquidSpring is the benefit of raising the coach suspension when performing oil changes. The extra height makes it even easier to move around beneath the motorhome. Also, the “kneeling” function is very helpful in reducing the step height to the ground. 

This suspension system really should be standard equipment on all gas Class A motorhomes, I believe it makes them safer to drive.