Elevated RV Adventures: The Losos Share Their LiquidSpring Experience

For passionate RV enthusiasts like Randy and Christine Loso, a smooth and comfortable ride is paramount to truly enjoying the journey. Hailing from Seminole, Florida, and traveling across the country, the Losos recently invested in the game-changing upgrade with LiquidSpring on his 2022 Dynamax Isata 5 Model 34DS, mounted on a 4×4 RAM 5500 chassis. Let’s talk transformation:

An avid researcher, Randy discovered LiquidSpring while searching for suspension improvement options for his RV. Intrigued by the concept, Randy admits he was initially taken aback by the price. However, upon embarking on a 7-month, 12,500-mile journey from Florida to Louisiana, Texas, Arizona, Idaho, South Dakota, Indiana, Missouri, Tennessee, and then some, the couple began to contemplate the value of a system that would make that drive more enjoyable.

Somewhere along the bumpy roads in South Dakota, a decision was made. The relentless pounding and jolts experienced during his travels made the value of an investment in LiquidSpring evident. Determined to enhance their RV’s ride quality, Randy embarked on a new journey: to find the best installation option.

Ultimately, the Losos chose to have the LiquidSpring suspension installed at the factory during a visit to Indiana. Arriving in Lafayette during the week of October 1st, 2023, Randy and Christine were greeted with a seamless and exceptional experience. The team at LiquidSpring provided a comprehensive review of the work to be done; as well as a test drive and thorough operating instructions upon pickup. The entire process left Randy and Christine thoroughly impressed.

The impact of LiquidSpring on the Losos’ RV was nothing short of astounding. The improvements in sway, ride comfort, and overall feel of the coach were remarkable. Randy often describes the change by saying, “I like to explain it by saying previously we HIT bumps now we ROLL over them.”

The addition of LiquidSpring has brought about a game-changing transformation, particularly in terms of reduced sway during turns. Randy’s newfound confidence in maneuvering the coach is a testament to LiquidSpring’s exceptional performance. These enhancements extend beyond the driving experience, as the smoother ride and improved handling also positively impact the durability of the RV’s components, making their cross-country travels as secure as they are enjoyable.

“Imagine driving down the road, feeling as though there is a constant 8.0 magnitude earthquake inside your coach,” explains Randy. With LiquidSpring, Randy likens the sensation to “tremors,” minimizing the wear and tear on the components. This translates to longevity, reduced repairs, and increased peace of mind on the road. It also means happy passengers, which of course includes the Losos’ two pups.


The Losos’ testimonial highlights the remarkable difference LiquidSpring can make in enhancing the RV journey. If you’re seeking an upgrade that transforms the way you ride, consider LiquidSpring and elevate your RV adventures to new heights.