Transforming the RV Driving Experience: John’s LiquidSpring Testimonial

LiquidSpring’s innovative suspension solutions have been making waves in the RV industry for years. Known as the top choice for RV suspensions, LiquidSpring is deemed a worthy investment for those who go the long haul in their RVs. Today, we share the testimonial of John Herthel, a retired Ford Vehicle Dynamics Testing Engineer, who recently installed LiquidSpring suspension on his 2020 Vacationer Holiday Rambler. Join us as we delve into John’s journey and its remarkable impact on his vehicle’s performance so far.

As a seasoned Vehicle Dynamics Testing Engineer at Ford with a background in mechanical engineering and vehicle dynamics, John Herthel possesses invaluable expertise in the field and an in-depth understanding of the engineering that has gone into LiquidSpring suspension systems. Aware of LiquidSpring’s exceptional reputation, he was intrigued by the possibilities their suspension systems offered. 

“We use our motorhome a lot,” explains John. John and his wife enjoy visiting their grandchildren – away from their home in Michigan – on regular road trips. However, during a trip to Arizona spanning 4800 miles, the couple began to question the comfort and handling of their RV. John’s wife made it clear – it was time for an improvement or a new coach.

Enter LiquidSpring. John decided to install their suspension system, hoping for a significant change that would reinvigorate their travel adventures. The results surpassed his expectations.

“It’s like going from driving a 26,000-pound big box to driving a large SUV,” John exclaims, emphasizing the dramatic difference LiquidSpring made to their motorhome. Suddenly, rough roads and railroad tracks no longer brought the harsh hit or impact they were accustomed to. The transformative power of LiquidSpring was undeniable.

Impressed by the outstanding process, John gives credit to Wayne Wells and Eric Garcia of LiquidSpring for their phenomenal support. John spent five days in Lafayette, where he was given insider’s access to the facility. He had the opportunity to film and interact with the skilled technicians, mechanics, and engineering staff – an experience that left a lasting impression.

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With over 15k miles already covered on the original suspension, John knew it was time for a change. After installing LiquidSpring, the couple has already witnessed a remarkable shift in their RV’s performance. The subtle nuances and improved road handling completely transform the driving experience,

John’s story is one that deserves to be shared, and he has enthusiastically done so. He has taken to platforms such as Facebook,, and various motorhome groups to share his testimonial. Under the name The Casual RVer, John engages with fellow RV enthusiasts on Facebook forums like the F53 Chassis Facebook Group, the Holiday Ramblers Owners Group, the Fleetwood RV Owners Group, the Fleetwood Bounder Motorhome Owners Group, and more. Additionally, his experiences can be found on YouTube. Like and follow him to keep up with his adventures and insights.


John Herthel’s testimonial serves as a powerful testament to the transformative power of LiquidSpring’s suspension system in the RV industry. As a retired engineering professional with extensive experience in vehicle dynamics, John’s endorsement carries significant weight. LiquidSpring has not only improved his driving experience but has also enabled him to continue his cherished RV adventures with enhanced comfort and peace of mind.

*All photos and video were provided to LiquidSpring by John. Many thanks to him for his partnership on this article.