The Finest Trucks Deserve the Finest Suspension

“We were sold on LiquidSpring because of the increased ride quality we were told it could provide to our World Class F-550 pickup’s.

Here at Elevation Off Grid, our lineage and much of our team that builds trucks has history with also building high-performance road cars, supercars, and purpose built race cars.

However, after installing our first kit we immediately realized the system was like nothing we had ever experienced. We were expecting a smoother ride. We were expecting automatic load leveling. We were expecting a better overall driving experience.

All of those expectations were met. More so than any other product on the market had been able to do for us. However what we were not expecting is even better than this;

The improvement in our trucks handling, braking, and stability is out of this world. Because of LiquidSpring Suspension, our 10,000lb trucks, on 42″ tires have similar performance metrics to the most premium German Sports sedans on the road today.

No one believes us—Until they drive one.

We are proud to say that we build the finest trucks in the world, with the finest suspension in the world. 

Thank you to the entire team at Liquid Spring for geeking out over the most overlooked, but most detrimental component to World Class vehicles!

Jerime Monroe, Owner, Elevation Off Grid