EMS Testimonials for LiquidSpring

Manitoba Ambulances Improve on Patient Care

Client: Randall Newman – Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living
Testimonial Date: 8/12/2016

Good morning Carl,

This past June, at Crestline, I spoke with you regarding the Liquid Spring suspension and how the product is performing on the 2015 model year Provincial ambulances.

I received a phone call yesterday from a frontline EMS paramedic who wanted to tell me that the inclusion of the Liquid Spring suspension system into the Manitoba ambulances was, in his view, probably the best change for improving the patient care experience on the ambulance vehicles.

Their  Liquid Spring suspension system equipped ambulance vehicle had been out of service for routine maintenance and during that period of time, the EMS staff were using a “spare” ambulance which was not equipped with the Liquid Spring suspension system.

When they received their 2015 ambulance back for service, the EMS staff, all of them, approached their union rep and stated how happy they were to get back the ambulance from maintenance.  I was told by the EMS union staff rep that the difference in ride quality between the 2 ambulance vehicles was absolutely amazing.

The first patient which was transported by the newly maintained 2015 model year ambulance, asked the EMS crew if this was the “Cadillac” ambulance or the other one they had.  They told the patient it was the Caddy they were in, to which the patient, who was on a stretcher and being transported for a routine procedure stated that “good, now I can relax”.

So, I thought you needed to hear this Carl.

Thank you.

Randall Newman – BRS-Ed – Tech-P (PCP)
EMS Officer/Program Analyst
Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living

Client: Ray K. Jennings

Mr. Meyer,testimonial-grandcounty-co

I wish to thank you for providing a quality product that improves the ride, safety, and use of our ambulances. Grand County EMS purchased three 2013 Dodge four-door cab chassis with 4 wheel drive and included a LiquidSpring suspension.

During our design process, our team evaluated a number of products to provide a kneeling system to bring our load height to a reasonable level. During the design process, we spoke with several individuals as we looked at various systems. During a conference in Denver in 2012, I meet with Carl and he introduced me to the LiquidSpring suspension.

I brought this revolutionary information to my team to evaluate. Carl made himself available to us, educating us on the system. I also had the opportunity to see firsthand the system on an ambulance. This sealed the deal, seeing it in action convinced me and my team that this was the right product to improve our ambulance design.

The ambulances were built by an outstanding ambulance manufacture, AEV Ambulances, and with the assistance of our local representative Mark Balch from Front Range Fire Apparatus. Together we choose LiquidSpring for our new AEV ambulances. During the delivery of the ambulances, my team and I had the opportunity to meet and visit with the gentleman who installed the system on our AEV ambulances. He acknowledged the ease of installation and how impressed he was with the system. From the moment I inspected the ambulance I was impressed by how it performed and exceeded my expectations.

When my team and I departed from the AEV factory we logged 1800 miles on the drive to Grand County, Colorado. The LiquidSpring suspension did everything you and Carl had said it would do. It is so nice to purchase a product that meets a high standard and expectations.

The ambulances were placed into service in December and I along with one of my team ran the first emergency call. The patient had experienced multiple fractures and the roads are bumpy, during the transport I never felt any bumps. The ride was so smooth, so nice, and brought comfort to everyone inside the ambulance.

In summation, I am very happy with the LiquidSpring System and would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve safety and ride comfort. In Grand County, Colorado the temperature dips down to -30 degrees and the issue of kneeling the ambulance in these conditions has not an issue with the Class LiquidSpring System. The ambulances kneel to a safe deck height for loading and unloading and return to service level just as described by you and Carl. I also was impressed having Carl come to our agency and provide an in-service for the LiquidSpring System. I am thankful we opted to purchase the Class LiquidSpring System for our ambulances and now it will become a standard on all future Grand County EMS ambulances.

Kind regards and thank you.

Ray K. Jennings, Chief, Grand County Emergency Medical Services

Redmond Fire & Rescue Trusts LiquidSpring To Get the Job Done

Client: Tim Moor, Fire Chief, Redmond Fire & Rescue
Testimonial Date: 1/13/2014

testimonial-redmondRedmond Fire & Rescue provides ambulance service to a population of 42,000 people that covers both city and off-road driving surfaces. Over the years we have received complaints from our firefighter/paramedics and customers that our ambulances did not provide a smooth ride.

While in the process of ordering a new ambulance our salesperson recommended taking a look at the LiquidSpring™ Suspension as an option for our new ambulance. After test-driving the Liquid suspension and a thorough review by our mechanics we were sold on the suspension. We ordered a LiquidSpring Suspension for our existing 2012 Ford/F-450 immediately after the test drive.

I was very impressed by Carl Harr, our LiquidSpring Suspension salesperson. Carl was knowledgeable, confident, and no-nonsense. Our mechanics under Carl’s watchful eye installed the LiquidSpring Suspension in one day, which was very impressive. Our firefighter/paramedics and patients are very happy with their new suspension. We just ordered our third Ford/F-450 and specified the LiquidSpring Suspension.

Tim Moor, Fire Chief, Redmond Fire & Rescue

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