LiquidSpring Smart Suspension Keeps ADV Mobil Rides Smooth

The benefits offered by a LiquidSpring smart suspension system are as simple as this: 

“If you take an F-550 chassis with the stock suspension on it and drive it to our shop, your gut is hurting afterward. It’s ready and equipped to put a bunch of weight on it, so it’s very stiff. If you were to drive it across the country, you wouldn’t be able to walk. When you put the LiquidSpring suspension on it, it drives like a Lincoln Town Car. It’s beautiful.”

Mike Lynch, Owner of ADV Mobil in Howell, Michigan

ADV Mobil is a premier expedition vehicle manufacturer. Owner, Mike Lynch’s in-house team of designers and builders have made a name for themselves within the overland industry, constructing meticulously designed adventure rigs. Their specially-designed adventure trucks offer full off-grid functionality alongside optimized comfort, efficiency, security, and performance. With other capabilities such as adventure van buildouts and custom jobs, ADV Mobil offers adventuremobiling products for every enthusiast. And all of their new builds include LiquidSpring technology.

Lynch explains it was a quick and easy decision to partner with LiquidSpring, attributing the system’s responsiveness and improvement to ride quality as the biggest reasons for the decision. Not far behind in the hierarchy of benefits mentioned were adaptability and customer service. Just as ADV Mobil is a person-to-person shop, working hand-in-hand with clients to provide best-in-class service and products, LiquidSpring aims for the same. 

“[Our rep] Carl has been great to work with,” explains Lynch. “He’s always a phone call away and has always been very responsive to all our needs, without a doubt.”

Together, the two teams have created some incredible builds, including this latest ADV004 model, complete with a 10-speed transmission, 330 HP engine with 825lbs/ft torque, and three 400Ah lithium batteries. The entire build rests on a Ford F550 4×4 XLT, and is, of course, made highway smooth by LiquidSpring suspension.

For more details on ADV Mobil builds, visit their PROLander overview. And to learn how LiquidSpring can help improve the performance and safety of your rig, check out our Adventure Truck specs. Or reach out to us at (765) 474-7816. Like Mike said, we’re only a call away.