LiquidSpring is now available on both front and rear axles as an integrated smart suspension system on select chassis. This makes four-corner kneeling a new possibility. An early customer taking advantage of this kneeling upgrade is the shuttlebus company ARBOC, who has added it as an upgrade available on their Spirit of Mobility model. This allows for the entire bus platform to be lowered for easy access with no giant step-up for riders, especially appreciated by the elderly and other passengers with accessibility issues. Rear suspension only models could also kneel, but this was not always helpful for the front-loading doors of a shuttlebus.

The LiquidSpring CLASS® suspension system was originally offered as a rear suspension only, where it is needed most. From variable loading weights to lessening jolts passed along the frame from front to back, the rear suspension is still the standard product from LiquidSpring and provides major support to the smart suspension system. All front axle suspension systems must be accompanied by a matching rear suspension system for connectivity.

Besides four-corner kneeling, what does the optional front suspension upgrade offer? It provides further improvement to ride and handling. It also notably provides even more driver comfort by reducing felt vibration on rough roads. The front suspension, being underneath the driver, is a large contributor to the shaking sensation felt through the seat and steering wheel of the vehicle. LiquidSpring’s improved absorption of these forces reduces felt vibrations significantly, giving drivers a more luxurious and safer feel to the ride.


Founded over 20 years ago, LiquidSpring began building suspensions for large off-highway mining equipment where they pioneered a unique system to help reduce operator injury in extreme conditions. The new strut was filled with a pressurized compressible liquid capable of supporting vehicle load and damping in a single element. Today, LiquidSpring continues to develop suspension products for other Class 3-7 on-highway trucks for various markets such as EMS, transit and school bus, recreational vehicle and work truck. The company provides application engineering, manufacturing, distribution, service and sales of their products throughout the world. Visit to learn more.