Personal Service at Every Leg of the Journey: A LiquidSpring Review

Like many, Zac C. had been researching LiquidSpring RV suspensions for months. And like many, he was hoping to get a first-hand feel for how a vehicle drives with he suspension. He recently had the chance, and has shared his experience with us – which we are now proud to share with you. 

“I’ve been reading and watching videos about Liquid Springs for RVs for months. I had a down day in northern Indiana and realized that I was only about 90 minutes from their facility. So I called on a Thursday morning to see (fully expecting a “sorry, no”) if I could visit their shop, and maybe even drive an RV with the system. After finding the right person, much to my surprise, they said “come on down!” 

Eric dropped whatever he was doing and spent 90 minutes with me and my son. We took an astonishing test drive in a class A gasser that blew my mind in ways I haven’t yet fully processed. We walked through their shop, seeing installs in progress and doing a pretty deep technical dive. As an engineer and gearhead, I was 100% geeking out, and can attest to the extreme heavy-duty engineering and build quality that goes into their products. Eric knew the answers to every question, no matter how obscure. The guy was amazing. 

It is rare to find a company that makes an amazing product that does exactly what is claimed. It is even more rare to find such a company that ALSO believes in the value of exceptional customer service. Liquid Spring is both, in spades. In short, I will absolutely ensure that my next RV has their system on it, one way or another. 

Well done, folks!”

Zac’s testimonial highlights our dedication to service for past, current, and future customers alike. It’s this commitment to exceptional service, alongside our best-in-class products, that keeps our community strong and our brand growing. We are always happy to talk shop, show the shop, and offer a test drive when we have the chance. 

Ready to ride for yourself? Reach out. Let’s see what we can get scheduled.