Conquering New Heights with LiquidSpring: A Journey to the Top of the World with EC Offroad and Elevation Offgrid

Taking an F550 to the Top of the World

Moab: the sacred ground where off-roading dreams turn into heart-pumping realities. It was in this rugged playground that LiquidSpring, the trailblazing leader in suspension technology, recently embarked on an epic adventure alongside EC Offroad and Elevation Offgrid, two renowned off-road vehicle builders. Together, we embarked on a quest to conquer treacherous trails, push limits, and unleash the full potential of LiquidSpring-badged EOG trucks. In short, we reached the Top of the World together.

As the sun rose over the mesmerizing landscapes of Moab, our team set out to leave their mark on the desert landscape. 

Their first challenge awaited: EC Offroad’s vehicle would confront the legendary Fins and Things trail, known for its formidable obstacles and technical prowess. We’re proud to report that the EC Offroad vehicle, shipped over from Australia, defied gravity and conquered every twist and turn with precision.

But we didn’t stop there. Next, set our sights on the Top of the World Trail, a worthy adversary even for the most seasoned off-roaders. Known as a Jeep badge of honor trail, this is where challenges are embraced and limits are truly tested. With this trip, we aimed to reach new heights, literally. No F550 had ever seen The Top of the World before and this LS-equipped Elevation Off Grid super truck made it. A four-hour ride to the top showed us what true partnership looks like: with Cale (from EC Offroad) driving and Jeremy (from EOG) and Carl (from LiquidSpring) training and spotting. Get a close-up view of their views here: 

LiquidSpring’s Smart Suspension System played a pivotal role in this trek, empowering the drivers and vehicles to tackle even the most demanding trails with confidence, precision, and unparalleled control. As we reflect on our journey through Moab with EC Offroad and Elevation Offgrid, we stand proud. We push the boundaries of what is possible, consistently delivering suspension solutions that embrace versatility, customization, and the unyielding pursuit of adventure. Our commitment to innovation ensures we remain at the forefront of suspension technology, ready to equip intrepid explorers around the world with the tools they need to conquer their chosen paths.

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