Retirement Community Books More Adventures Thanks to LiquidSpring

Our newly installed LiquidSpring system has surpassed all expectations and we are all delighted with such a smooth and comfortable ride. It is evident from the residents’ smiles and hearty conversation. They can now focus on having fun as they travel to their next destination!”

Heather Oldfield, Community Life Director, The Fountains at Sea Bluffs, a Watermark Retirement Community

Heather Oldfield spends her days caring for elderly people and bringing joy and adventure into their lives. As Community Life Director for The Fountains at Sea Bluffs, a large luxury retirement community in Dana Point, California, her job is extremely rewarding but comes with many obstacles. One of those being providing a smooth ride for residents in transit to various activities.

When the Fountains at Sea Bluffs first purchased a new bus to take their residents on trips, the sign-up lists were consistently full. After a few outings, however, the list became very small. When Heather explained, “Many residents stopped signing up for the trips as our bus had a basic suspension with a very rough and violent ride. Residents, as well as myself, complained of body pains and discomfort even on the short rides.” This was when Heather did her research and discovered LiquidSpring.

Bus Owner Says LiquidSprings Made Her a Believer

After talking with the LiquidSpring team, Heather decided to install the Smart Suspension system on the retirement community’s newly purchased bus. “During our initial meeting when the LiquidSpring team assured us an improved ride quality, I wasn’t sure they would be able to pull it off since our ride was so bad.  However, her hesitancy quickly diminished. LiquidSpring has completely made a believer out of me and our frail residents,” Heather went on to tell us.

With the proper suspension system in their bus, Heather’s retirement community is now going on trips all the time. The fear of unpredictable roads are a thing of the past and regrets after a long drive are non existent. Heather excitedly told us It is evident from the residents’ smiles and hearty conversation. They can now focus on having fun as they travel to their next destination!” 

Heather writes: “Thank you again for your expertise in engineering as well as excellent customer service. We are 100% satisfied!”

A Satisfying Suspension System

The LiquidSpring Smart Suspension system for buses is designed to reduce road shock, fight wind sway, provide active suspension, and increase safety. Regardless of the road or weather conditions, our active suspension system uses its liquid-based struts and onboard processor to keep passengers comfortable. With our groundbreaking system, passengers enjoy a luxurious ride no matter what.