Sunshine State RV Reviews Storyteller HILT

We are excited to share a recent review by Sunshine State RVs featuring the Storyteller Overland GXV Hilt Adventure Truck. This recently-released, exceptional vehicle is the epitome of luxury and performance in the overlanding world that features the ride-changing upgrade: LiquidSpring. 

The Details:

Unparalleled Power and Reliability

At the core of the Storyteller Overland GXV Hilt Adventure Truck is the powerful RAM® 5500 chassis and a 6.7L diesel engine. This heavy-duty setup ensures a smooth and efficient journey, no matter the terrain or destination.

Luxurious Interior for Home on the Road

Step inside the GXV Hilt Adventure Truck and experience a thoughtfully designed living space. With premium materials, modern amenities, and ample storage, every detail is carefully crafted to make you feel right at home. No matter how remote your travels take you, comfort and convenience are always within reach.

Cutting-Edge Off-Grid Capabilities

The GXV Hilt Adventure Truck is equipped with cutting-edge technology and features that enable extended off-grid living. From solar panels and robust water systems to high-capacity batteries, you can truly embrace the spirit of adventure without compromising on comfort and sustainability.

Meticulous Design and Craftsmanship

One cannot overlook the meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship that Storyteller Overland is renowned for. From exterior durability to interior style, the GXV Hilt Adventure Truck exemplifies innovative design and quality construction throughout every aspect of the motorhome.

Advanced Ride Capabilities with LiquidSpring

From highway to high roads, the HILT drives smooth, “because of the LiquidSpring suspension.” 

Dive deeper into the features and highlights of the HILT in Sunshine RV’s full review: