The Differences Between Rear & Four Corner RV Suspensions

Suspension systems are one of those things you don’t think about too often until you discover why they’re necessary. Especially when it comes to RV Life. But once you discover the difference in ride quality, you no longer settle for the standards. RV suspensions are typically installed as rear suspension and four-corner suspension systems. There are pros to each system and its implementation, and quality is as diverse as the rigs themselves. Let’s take a closer look at the differences between rear and four-corner suspension systems for RVs, as well as how the LiquidSpring RV suspension system works. 

Rear Suspension Systems on RVs

Rear suspension is the most common type of suspension used in RVs. As the name suggests, this type of suspension only affects the rear axle of the RV, with the front axle typically using a traditional leaf spring setup. Rear suspension is generally less expensive and easier to install than four-corner suspension, which is why it is more common in entry-level RVs.

As the simpler, less expensive (initial) option for suspension systems, it also has drawbacks Because it only affects the rear axle, rear suspension systems can result in uneven weight distribution, which can cause the RV to sway or bounce when driving on uneven roads. This can lead to a less comfortable ride, as well as safety concerns when maneuvering the vehicle. It can also lead to increased wear and tear on the vehicle, resulting in the need to repair and replace parts earlier than would be expected.

Four-Corner Suspension Systems on RVs

Four-corner suspension systems, on the other hand, affect all four wheels of the RV, providing a more stable and even ride. These suspension systems are typically more expensive and require more extensive installation than rear suspension, but they offer a number of benefits.

Four-corner suspension systems can improve handling and stability, particularly when driving on rough terrain. It can also help to distribute weight more evenly across the vehicle, which can improve safety and reduce wear and tear on tires and other components. Overall, four corner suspension systems allow an RV driver to travel longer distances, thanks to improved comfort, handling, functionality, and efficiency.

LiquidSpring RV Suspensions Go Even Further

LiquidSpring offers a unique suspension solution for RV owners that improves comfort, control, and driver confidence. Our Active Suspension System uses a proprietary compressible fluid as the spring mechanism to provide a smoother, more stable ride than traditional suspensions. The 5-link system is directed by an onboard microprocessor, which monitors the vehicle’s speed, steering, braking, and road inputs 1,000 times per second. This means it reacts to every turn, speed change, bump, and wind gust. 

In addition to improving ride quality and safety, the active suspension system can also reduce driver fatigue. LiquidSpring suspension systems are available for a variety of RV models, including Class A, Class B, and Class C motorhomes.

What Suspension System is Right for Your RV?

In summary, there are two main types of RV suspension: rear suspension and four-corner suspension. Rear suspension is less expensive and easier to install, but can result in an uneven ride and safety concerns. Four-corner suspension provides a more stable ride, but is typically more expensive and requires more extensive installation. LiquidSpring offers a unique solution for RV owners with its 5-link suspension system. The non-torque, reactive design that maintains alignment, minimizes noise, and cuts down on vibrations. A driver interface allows drivers to manually control suspension height, adjust ride modes, and even troubleshoot issues/errors. While some dealers offer RVs with LiquidSpring pre-installed, aftermarket installation is possible with our extensive dealer network. 

An enhanced suspension system can thoroughly improve your RVing experience. It is truly an investment in the longevity of your RV, and your lifestyle. For more information on how LiquidSpring delivers a smoother, safer RV experience, read more about Our Technology.

Whether you choose rear or four-corner suspension, investing in a quality suspension system can greatly improve your RVing experience.