Media Library:  We have several videos featuring LiquidSpring™ CLASS® vehicle suspension systems, including research vehicle prototype, limousine and ambulance suspension system.

Canfield Shows Off New Ambulances  – Watch the video.

LiquidSpring Bus Suspension Case Study

LiquidSpring Manufacturing Facility in Lafayette, Indiana

LiquidSpring San Diego MTS Testimonial

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LiquidSpring – Overview of RV Market

LiquidSpring Testimonial Bob Livingston – Trailer Life Magazine

LiquidSpring Testimonial Joy Jones – RV Owner

CLASS® Vehicle Suspension System from LiquidSpring


CLASS® is the next generation vehicle suspension system, utilizing a strut, with a compressible fluid as the spring/damping medium, and its sophisticated on-board microprocessor, CLASS® adapts the entire vehicle’s response to road variations and the driver.

Sonoma Sterling Limousine – LiquidSpring Testimonial

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Just Finished Installing LiquidSpring™ on an Ambulance

TARDEC Ultra Light Vehicle Research Prototype

A Smoother Ride for Patients and Paramedics